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Referrals from the hospitals/clinics:

  We provide MH outpatient services to age ranges:

  • *9 through 85.

  • Referral from hospital with ROI. 

  • Indicate SA/MH, MH, or just SA


Referrals from Therapists:

   Referral form, with:

  • ROI

  • Assessment if recent (within 90 days).

  • Reason for referral.

Referrals from JCO/PO

   Referral form with:

  • ROI

  • UA's available

  • Reason for referral to services **,***

*Unless play therapy is still indicated and unable to sit in session.

** We do not do OWI assessments. OWI assessments are typically $125.00 with an approved DOE provider.

***Drinking/Driving classes are also typically required, which we do not provide.

Mental Health Counselor

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