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  • Must be working toward an accredited degree at the Master's level, and are enrolled in a Master's level counseling program.

  • Must be able to pass the Iowa testing.

  • Must pass a background check.


  • Must be supervised at all times during practicum or internship hours.

  • Must attend first time with supervisor face to face and follow all applicable state regulations.

  • Must attend group and individual supervision once per week.

  • Responsible for learning to write effectively on notes.

  • Responsible for learning to develop treatment plans.

  • Responsible for keeping track of hours attained accurately.

  • Responsible for learning to Diagnose accurately.

  • Responsible for learning to have good documentation skills. 

  • Have a high regard and understanding of Iowa ethical, legal, and professional standards of practice.

  • Ability to learn to perform all necessary reporting functions as required to adhere to agency requirements.

  • Ability to contribute to the success of the agency.

  • Ability to complete timely documentation.

  • Malpractice insurance provided.

  • Candidates are encouraged to call us.

Current open practicum/intern positions: Call us

Please Call 641-425-7100 for more information.

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